Why Corfu?

Why do we choose Corfu?

Corfu has proven to be one of the most popular destinations over the last years for those Europeans that seek holidays, retirement or a real estate investment. The demand for this island is increasing rapidly and has quadrupled between 2002 and 2010. Corfu is renowned for its hospitable and friendly residents as well as its particularly green landscape, not to mention that it is the greenest of all the Greek islands. The perfect place for summer or life time holidays!!!

Undoubtedly, Corfu offers beaches that would catch anybody’s attention and wish to visit: long sandy expanses, small pebble coves, crystal clear waters surrounded by lush vegetation.

There are many sports on offer for holidaymakers and the permanent alike - such as scuba diving, golf, tennis, cycling, boat rides, water sports, etc. All these types of activities are available as a part of an organised excursion or you can do them on a private basis.

Walking in the countryside, there will always be a surprise around the corner, maybe a heavily-laden donkey returning after a hard day’s work in the fields; perhaps a shepherd taking his siesta in the shade of the olive groves, a small church or a monastery on top of a mountain with the most magnificent view over the island. Moreover, a very special time in the Corfiot calendar is the blooming of spring.

Walking around Corfu town can be as equally interesting as visiting churches or museums. For instance, wandering through the narrow, cobblestone streets of the city centre (“kantounia”) as well as the popular area of "Kampielo” in the Old City of the island, visiting the Old and the New Fortress - a marvelous sample of the Venetian architecture that would fascinate even the most demanding architecture or art lover, relaxing, after shopping, at one of the many side-walk cafes or typical tavernas, bars and of course, the famous Liston for people-watching is highly advisable.

Whatever you fancy can be found and satisfied in our part of paradise!

But what makes Corfu such a desirable property hotspot compared to others?

The main advantages are many and are listed below :

1. The climate.

Winters without hazardous road conditions, no freezing fog or black ice, and summers without rain. Not to mention clear blue skies (with an average of 310 days of sun), spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and brilliant star and moonlit nights.

2. The diverse landscape and environment.

Lovely beaches, majestic mountain tops from which the view is breathtaking, some of them snow-capped until early June, impressive gorges, hidden caves, ancient sites, picturesque and literally untouched, remote, traditional villages.

3. The cost of living.

Studies indicate that the cost of living in Corfu is about 30% lower than Cyprus when Cyprus’s cost of living is 30% lower than that of Spain’s and Portugal’s. On top of all, the lower cost of living will amaze potential buyers of how inexpensive prime real property is in Corfu.

4. The low crime rate.

5. Part of an EU member country.

6.Part of a non-volatile country.

7.The closest European destination to the sun.

8.The warmth and hospitality of the Corfiots.

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