Our services

What do we offer

We take pride in providing you with the best in all aspects of property.

From design to construction, from sales to after-sales, our aim is to be top in our field. Our friendly and qualified staff will guide you through every single step involved in owning a property in Greece.

Viewing meetings are comprehensive and informative. Hard sales will not be on the agenda. We will simply show you what we have available for sale; some properties we have already built where you will possibly meet some of our existing customers. Should you wish us to do so, we will explain the process of construction, both from the technical and the legal point of view.

Should you decide to buy one of our properties, we will arrange a meeting with you and your solicitor, conclude the deal and this will not be the end. On the contrary, this is only the beginning of our job.

Unless the property you chose is already completed, we will go through with every single step involved in construction, from foundations to completion. We do understand the difference between a house and “your home’’, so we will make sure that your property will reflect your own taste and individuality. We will simply explain the process of construction, in accordance with your needs, making suggestions and cater for your personal preferences and tastes.

For those customers who do not have the time to go through this process with us, they can just give us rough guidelines about their color and material preferences and we can make each and every choice for them.

Should you wish, we can help you choose a swimming pool, design your garden, help you find suitable shops for furniture and other household goods, arrange for cleaners and gardeners. Just ask for our help and we can ensure you that you will not be disappointed.

We will construct your property, hand you the key and still be around. We will be fixing everything for a whole year free of charge and we will be at your service for as long as you wish us to do so.

Others invest in advertising, but here at our agency, we invest in you, our clients!!!!!

Last but not least, in cooperation with some of the best local travel agencies and owners, we offer you through this link : www.corfugid.ru a complete guide of hotels, lodgings, apartments and villas. On line accommodation and travel services on the island of Corfu (Kerkyra) presented by area, price and type of accommodation are only just one click away…